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Animal Love

Do psychedelics offer hope for animal patients with
behavioral diseases?

Our Mission

Advocate for OneHealth research paradigms, cross-species clinical best practices, and animal-aware legislation in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine.

Our Vision

A scientifically-accurate, medically-sound, and clinically-compassionate understanding of psychedelic medicine that is applicable across mammalian patients (human and animal).

Our Purpose

Provide scientific, up-to-date, and practical veterinary medical input across the rapidly emerging psychedelic research, medical, and legislative ecosystems.

Welcome to VeterinaryPsy, a budding community wishing to  bridge cultures, generations, and species.


Our research and advocacy interests include the safe & supportive grounds for psychedelic medicines in veterinary patients, and for the practitioners who uphold the animal health profession.


We maintain the principles of curiosity, harm reduction, education and cross-species emotional health. We believe that animals can serve as mirrors for individuals and the general public or community, state, nation, and greater environmental ecosystems.


We respect the scientific community who are researching these medicines in a variety of contexts; supporting their  breakthrough potential for mental wellbeing in humans.

We respect the sacred and honored traditions that are held by ancestral communities across the earth. Those who continue to live closest to the earth and safe guard its knowledge and secrets with reciprocal respect and nourishment. It is our hope to explore these, among the many intersections that accompany Planetary Health & Sacred Psychedelic Medicines.

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