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World Congress on Planetary Health

An Unprecedented Gathering with a Resounding Mission - Planetary Wellbeing 

This series of Congress events and multi-national exercises aims to create the opportunity and tools that communities need in order to test and refine solutions for planetary health, implemented at a global scale. 

This series offers solution-seekers innovative information on newly emerging scientific, medical and cultural ideas amid transformative community discussions, practical workshops, and colleague connections. 

Though progressive, organic, and community-based strategy, this series endeavors to unveil the interconnectedness of animal, human, and ecosystem health, paving the way for transformative OneHealth solutions for the wellbeing of our planet. 

In May 2024, our lectures and workshops are centered on the pivotal theme of Animal Wellbeing and how a focus on animal health and animal wellness might be leveraged toward the goal of planetary health. Delve into innovative talks and transformative community discussions that place animals at the forefront, driving a collective commitment towards a healthier and more sustainable planetary future.


Recognizing that individuals often extend greater care and resources towards the well-being of their animal companions than they may for themselves, we aim to explore how enhancing animal welfare can inherently foster healthier human communities. 

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May 17-19 2024

Leveraging Animal Wellbeing Toward Planetary Health

  • 9 hours of lecture (online & in-person)

  • 3 workshops

  • Full-scale disaster exercise: Front Range of Colorado

September 20-22 2024

Global Disaster Preparedness: Community-based Preparedness, Response & Recovery

  • Innovative Education (online & in-person)

  • Topic-focused Workshops

  • Full-scale disaster exercise: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico

June 2025

Prioritizing Ecosystem Well-Being for Planetary Health

  • Innovative Education (online & in-person)

  • Topic-focused Workshops

  • Full-scale disaster exercise: Global

May 17-19 2024

OneHealth Solutions

Leveraging Animal Wellbeing Toward Planetary Health


Slowing Down. Bay Islands, Honduras. 📸 @drstevekruzeniski

Join individually Online or in-person with a Watch Party.

9 Hours of Lecture

World-renown speakers.

Novel solutions, unique ideas.

+ Workshop Add-ons

Topic-focused training. Hands-on practice.

Host a

Watch Party

Invite colleagues.

Create community.

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