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Keep your best friend's mind in mind.

Advocating for animals in the
research, medical & legislative ecosystems.

Did You Know?

  • Animals suffer from emotional disease... just like humans

  • Behavioral conditions in animals are increasing in parallel to human emotional disease

  • Animal emotional disease and resulting behavioral conditions are detrimental to animal health and present a human public health risk

Do psychedelics offer hope for animal patients with
behavioral diseases?

Our Mission

Advocate for OneHealth research paradigms, cross-species clinical best practices, and animal-aware legislation in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine.

Our Vision

A scientifically-accurate, medically-sound, and clinically-compassionate understanding of psychedelic medicine that is applicable across mammalian patients (human and animal).

Our Purpose

Provide scientific, up-to-date, and practical veterinary medical input across the rapidly emerging psychedelic research, medical, and legislative ecosystems.



Psychoactive Substance Exposure in Animals

Do you know of an animal that has been exposed to a psychoactive substance - intentionally or accidentally? 

Please document the exposure by completing this survey. 
This survey is anonymous and does NOT collect any identifying information.
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