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At VeterinaryPsy we are advocates for animal health & wellbeing during the psychedelic renaissance.


Unbenounced to many, the intersections of psychedelic medicines will can have immediate and long term effects on domestic animals.


As an organization we wish to provide education and harm reduction for the entire family unit. If you are interested in learning more about this budding field of advocacy and research or have a specific questions related to your pets health, we are currently providing long form consultations. 

  • Post-exposure ( immediate intoxication (urgent/emergent) vs. Behavior change) 

    • Following ingestion of a psychedelic medicine, a pets behavior and physical health may be affected in the immediate window and afterwards. If you are looking for consultations regarding a change in behavior following accidental ingestion, please contact us for a consultation. Please be advised this service is not meant to replace emergent or urgent consultations and if your pet is suffering from physical symptoms that are concerning to you please contact a local veterinarian. 

  • Education & First Aid 

    • If you are considering or committed to giving your pet a psychedelic substance, and are looking for veterinary support, please contact us. It is imperative that you understand that there is little to no scientific research available to support use in animals. While we as practitioners do see a theoretical potential for psychedelic medicines in supporting animals in a variety of physiological and emotional ways; we cannot make any specific recommendations at this time. If this a path you have chosen to move forward with and think our viewpoint can assist you in keeping your pets welfare in mind, please schedule a consultation here. 

  • Animals as Therapy/Guides

    • Do you have questions related to how your pet interacts with you during or following a personal psychedelic experience? 

  • Grief support ?? Better for social worker?? 

  • Human Psychedelic Support and Harm Reduction

    • Whether you are curious about pursuing a psychedelic medicine journey or are looking for assistance with preparation or integration. Dr. Steve provides support for animal health professionals looking for education & support from a fellow professional with a depth of knowledge and experience as it relates to psychedelic medicines from traditional and scientific lenses. 

    •  Dr. Steven Kruzeniski is a student of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, Indigenous Wisdom and Transpersonal Psychology through the AWE Foundation. This unique course offers a deep didactic and experiential exploration into Psychedelic medicines. Learning from some the brightest scientific & traditional minds across the world, this course requires over 1400 hours of study. Dr. Steve is currently scheduling appointments to help those who may be interested in exploring psychedelic medicines but are unsure where to begin. Taking a Harm Reduction and One Health lens, Dr. Steve can explore if this is the path that is right for you. 

Beyond the Basics (considering therapeutic applications)

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