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Medical Director

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Casara Andre DVM, cVMA

Unashamed curiosity unerringly leads to unexpected and exciting discoveries. 

It is from within the active balancing of scientific scrutiny and compassionate patient care that sustainable, emotionally-ergonomic, and family-unit aware medical practices are birthed.  

A veterinarian by education and training, Dr. Andre is dedicated to providing veterinary harm and risk reduction information to the emerging cannabis and psychedelic industries, supporting veterinary professionals with clinically-applicable protocols for animals exposed to psychoactive substances, and investigating therapeutic applications for cannabis and psychedelic medicines in veterinary species.

Dr. Andre's work currently focuses on scientific investigation into novel and emerging medicines for trauma-induced emotional disease in animals, particularly canine post traumatic stress disorder (cPTSD).  She specializes in medical protocols that leverage cross-species, shared emotional states and trauma-aware, family-unit focused approaches to medical problem-solving. 

Learn more about the Medicine of Wonder protocol.

Dr. Andre serves as the President of Care for the Healer,  a 501c3 nonprofit advocating for the mental wellbeing of caregivers, and the Director of the Front Range Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps.


Steven J Kruzeniski, BSc, DVM

Dr. Steven Kruzeniski is a companion animal veterinarian with further education and passion for Planetary Health, Human Support, Indigenous Wisdom and Psychedelic Assisted Therapies.

For over a decade, Dr. Steve has been living and working across The Americas, Africa and Asia and currently resides in the Sacred Valley of Peru. His work combines social veterinary service & educational advocacy for animal welfare; support of veterinary professional wellbeing; and Psychedelic Harm Reduction for both humans and animals. 



Dr. Steve has extensive experience as a clinician & instructor to veterinary professionals and students from around the world. He is passionate about human support in relation to animal ownership. Caring for a pet, and the resulting human-animal bond, is powerful responsibility and deserves respectful consideration as it relates to emotional wellbeing for everyone. 


Decisions relating to animal health can be challenging, especially as they relate to a pets emotional needs and emotional intersections with other members of the family-unit. Dr. Steve strive to provide an environment for in depth discussion relating to animal wellbeing and exploration of how animal health decisions may affect the entire family-unit.


Kalinda Gupta DVM, MS, MPH

Dr. Kalinda Gupta is a veterinarian by training - a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana College of Veterinary Medicine. 

She completed her veterinary doctorate in parallel with a dual degree public health program in 2021. Dr. Gupta's research background has included conservation field research, pharmacologic research, microbiologic research, and public health policy surveillance research.

Dr. Gupta is available to advise on clinical, benchtop, pharmacologic, and policy research approach, methodology, data synthesis and general evaluation, and manuscript editing.



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