Founder & 

Medical Director

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​ ​Dr. Casara Andre is a Healer consistently motivated by her desire to help mammals of all species (human and veterinary) repair and sustain their health and wellbeing. Dr. Andre firmly believes that scientific curiosity will always lead to unexpected and exciting discoveries, but that scientific rigor and scrutiny must never be neglected.


A veterinarian by education and training, Dr. Andre is dedicated to providing veterinary harm and risk reduction information to the emerging cannabis and psychedelic industries, supporting veterinary professionals with clinically-applicable protocols for animals exposed to psychoactive substances, and investigating therapeutic applications for cannabis and psychedelic medicines in veterinary species.

Dr. Andre also serves her community as the director of Cultivate Wellbeing, Veterinary Cannabis, the Colorado School of Animal Massage, and the Front Range Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps

Program Director

Tess is passionate about helping communities of Healers achieve balance between good business practices, top-notch patient care, and personal wellbeing. She enjoys providing business development and administrative support to clinicians throughout their careers.

​She has worked in a variety of roles throughout multiple industries: Certified Pharmacy Technician, dog trainer for obedience and casual agility, assistant manager in a general practice veterinary clinic, leader of a statewide practice manager organization, and general manager of a specialty clinic devoted to canine rehabilitation. Tess believes that bringing better business practices to the rapidly growing cannabis and psychedelic industries will ultimately lead to better veterinary medical care, longer companion animal lives, and happier animal caregivers.

Tess also serves as the business architect for Cultivate Wellbeing, the consultation program director for Veterinary Cannabis, and the owner of Big Red Dog Business Solutions. 

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Kelly grew up on the beautiful south shores of Long Island, New York. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design, Kelly dedicated several years to working at universities in an administrative and registrar role and loved getting to know new students and helping them navigate the university systems. 


When Kelly was growing up, her mother had a dog walking and pet sitting service, and Kelly would often tag along. One of the most powerful lessons she learned from watching her mother work was how to be more than "just" a dog walker: how to treat each animal as an individual, maintain open and frequent communication with pet parents, and how to make sure the door was locked every time! Kelly decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and find a path that allowed her skills as an animal caretaker to flourish.  Kelly is excited to support our clients, patients, and community members!

Kelly also serves as the Communication Steward for Cultivate Wellbeing, Veterinary Cannabis, and the Colorado School of Animal Massage