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Keep your best friend's mind in mind.

¿Medicina psicodélica para animales...?

Did You Know?

  • Animals suffer from emotional injury and disease... just like humans

  • Behavioral conditions in animals are increasing in parallel to human emotional disease

  • Animal emotional disease, along with the resulting behavioral conditions, are detrimental to animal health and present a human public health risk

Do psychedelics offer hope for animal patients?

Our Mission

Advocate for OneHealth research paradigms, cross-species clinical best practices, and animal-aware legislation in the emerging psychedelic-related fields and industries.

Our Vision

A scientifically-accurate, medically-sound, and clinically-compassionate understanding of psychedelic medicine that is applicable across all mammalian patients (human and animal).

Our Purpose

Provide scientific, up-to-date, and practical veterinary medical input across the rapidly emerging psychedelic research, medical, and legislative ecosystems.

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